Islamaabd: Former Interior Minister and Chairman Institute of Research and Reforms (IRR) Senator Rehman Malik has welcomed and thanked the federal cabinet for rejecting the Economic Coordination Council’s (ECC) proposal to lift the ban on sugar and cotton imports from India. He said that it is good that government quickly realized the public sentiments and reaction over the yesterday’s decision. He said that if the government had not reversed its decision in time today, it would have been detrimental to the Kashmir Cause in the near future.
Soon after the government announcement of lifting the ban on sugar import from India, Senator Rehman Malik had announced that he in the national interest, will not use sugar in any form as a protest against government’s decision of its import from India for two months. He had appealed to every Pakistani to stop using sugar and its products as a protest against the decision of lifting ban on sugar import from India. He said that he was glad that the people of Pakistan not only responded to his appeal but also appreciated and showed resolve that they will not consume sugar unless government doesn’t revoke its decision. He said that he was fully supported on social media and his appeal was well spread by various websites and TV channels including newspapers.
The former Interior Minister said that the decision of importing sugar from India had hurt Kashmiris and Pakistanis. He thanked the cabinet and the Prime Minister for withdrawing the decision of importing sugar from India adding that a good message was conveyed to Kashmiri brothers and sisters who are under cruel curfew of PM Narendra Modi in India Occupied Kashmir.

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