Journalists’ Association Formed for Kashmir and Gilgit/Baltistan: Asghar Hayat Elected President, Rizwan Abbasi Secretary

Islamabad: In a momentous development in the federal capital, Islamabad, journalists dedicated to reporting on Kashmir and Gilgit/Baltistan affairs have established the Kashmir Gilgit Baltistan Beat Reporters Association. Through unanimous agreement, members finalized the appointment of office bearers in a collaborative effort.

Asghar Hayat assumes the role of President, Rizwan Abbasi as General Secretary, and Sheikh Manzoor as Finance Secretary, with representatives from various journalistic entities covering the regions joining the association.

An essential meeting convened in Islamabad, drawing reporters from diverse TV channels, newspapers, and news agencies, all focused on the issues of Kashmir and Gilgit/Baltistan. The formation of the Kashmir Gilgit Baltistan Beat Reporters Association aimed to address the unique needs and challenges faced by journalists in these regions.

During the gathering, office bearers were elected, and discussions ensued regarding proposals to fortify the association and bolster the welfare and professionalism of its members. The association affirmed its commitment to spotlighting Kashmir and Gilgit/Baltistan issues both nationally and internationally.

Reporters converged to establish the Kashmir Gilgit Baltistan Beat Reporters Association as an interim body, selecting Asghar Hayat as President, Rizwan Abbasi as General Secretary, Abrar Hussain Astori as Senior Vice President, Irfan Siddiqui as Vice President, Sheikh Manzoor Ahmed as Finance Secretary, Shiraz Ahmed Rathore as Organizer, Farhad Khokhar as Deputy Organizer, Harim Jadoon as Joint Secretary, and Sardar Owais as Secretary Information. Additionally, Muhammad Mukhtar, Zeshan Gardazi, and Aqsi Khurshid were elected as members of the governing body.

The association pledged to amplify awareness regarding the grievances and challenges encountered by the residents of Kashmir and Gilgit/Baltistan. Furthermore, it committed to providing comprehensive coverage of governance issues and instances of merit violations in these regions through national media channels.

A decision was made to draft a constitution for the Kashmir Gilgit Baltistan Beat Reporters Association, establishing the foundational framework necessary for its effective governance.

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