Abdullah Shahbaz, the creator of the endearing ‘Bhallay Bhallay’ charm in Pyar Ke Sadqay

Farooq Rind, the esteemed director celebrated for his innovative narratives and characters, has made a lasting impression with dramas such as Pyar Ke Sadqay. This iconic series depicted the unconventional love story of Abdullah and Mahjabeen, portrayed by Bilal Abbas Khan and Yumna Zaidi. Despite its humble beginnings, Pyar Ke Sadqay captivated audiences, challenging stereotypes about the idealized portrayal of love. Now, with the ongoing drama Ishq Murshid, Farooq Rind, Bilal Abbas Khan, and the introduction of Ali Gul Mallah as Bhallay, are once again captivating viewers’ attention. Director Farooq Rind is the creative force behind the character Bhallay, adding yet another layer to the enchantment he brings to the screen.

Interestingly, it’s worth noting that the original creator of the ‘Bhallay Bhallay’ charm is not Fazal Bakhsh from Ishq Murshid, but Abdullah Shahbaz, who captivated audiences with his proposal to Mahjabeen in Pyar Ke Sadqay three years ago. This iconic phrase, stemming from the innocent and endearing character of Abdullah, illustrates the enduring impact of Pyar Ke Sadqay’s unique love story and its continued influence on popular culture today.

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