Military Vows Justice for May 9 Perpetrators in National Interest

The military’s leadership emphasized the imperative of holding accountable those responsible for the May 9 riots, stating that their punishment is necessary for the country’s overall well-being. Without swift and transparent justice, the stability of the nation will remain vulnerable to such disruptive elements, as highlighted in a statement released by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) following the 83rd Formation Commanders Conference. Presided over by Chief of the Army Staff General Asim Munir, the conference also addressed the menace of politically motivated digital terrorism aimed at instigating discord and despondency within Pakistan.

The forum condemned the dissemination of false information and propaganda by conspirators, often aided by foreign actors, recognizing their intent to undermine state institutions, particularly the armed forces. However, the ISPR affirmed the nation’s awareness of these nefarious schemes and expressed confidence in thwarting such designs.

Moreover, the conference delved into the geo-strategic landscape and identified emerging security challenges, including cross-border violations from Afghanistan and terrorist activities originating from Afghan territory. The military leadership acknowledged the sacrifices of the people in the newly merged districts (NMDs) in the fight against terrorism and stressed the importance of uplifting these regions to effectively combat extremism.

Concerns were raised regarding the treatment of minorities, particularly Muslims, in India, with the forum condemning growing fascism and expressing solidarity with oppressed communities. Additionally, solidarity was expressed with the people of occupied Palestine, condemning human rights violations and supporting efforts for peace.

The conference also affirmed its support for the government’s initiatives for sustainable economic growth and tackling illegal activities. The army chief praised the high standard of training exhibited by various units and formations, as well as the dedication of officers and troops in counter-terrorism operations. The forum expressed satisfaction with measures taken for the welfare of serving and retired personnel and recognized Pakistan’s achievements in ensuring regional stability.

Prayers were offered for the martyrs of the security forces and civilian population, underscoring the solemn commitment to honor their sacrifice.

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