Prime Minister Kakar criticizes India for its handling of Hindutva extremism in his speech at the United Nations

NEW YORK: Caretaker Prime Minis­ter Anwaarul Haq Ka­kar Friday urged the in­ternational community to counter all terrorists without any discrimina­tion including Hindutva inspired extremists.

Addressing the 78th session of the UN Gen­eral Assembly in New York on Friday, he point­ed out that the rising threat by the far-right extremist and fascist groups pose genocide threat to Indian Mus­lims and Christians. The prime minister stressed the need to oppose state terrorism and address its root causes such as poverty, injustice and foreign occupation be­sides distinguishing genuine freedom strug­gles from terrorism.

The prime minister underscored the strategic importance of peace in Afghanistan for Pakistan. He acknowledged Pakistan’s alignment with the global community’s concerns regarding Afghanistan, particularly regarding the rights of women and girls. However, he emphasized Pakistan’s stance on the need for ongoing humanitarian aid to assist the vulnerable Afghan population, especially women and girls, along with support for the revival of Afghanistan’s economy and the implementation of connectivity projects with Central Asia.

The prime minister affirmed that Pakistan’s foremost priority is to prevent and combat all forms of terrorism originating from or taking place within Afghanistan. He condemned the cross-border attacks against Pakistan carried out by groups such as the TTP and Daesh operating from Afghan territory.

While Pakistan appreciates Afghan support and cooperation in countering these attacks, the prime minister stressed that Pakistan is also taking necessary measures to eliminate externally supported terrorism.

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