Envoys Conference 2024 convened by Pakistan

Islamabad: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan’s spokesperson confirmed on Thursday the commencement of a three-day Envoys Conference scheduled at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad, spanning from January 4th to January 6th, 2024.

This conference extended invitations to Pakistan’s Ambassadors from significant capitals along with cross-regional representatives. It was inaugurated by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Jalil Abbas Jilani, and featured a keynote address delivered by the Interim Prime Minister of Pakistan, Anwar Ul Haq Kakar.

During his opening speech, the Foreign Minister stressed the necessity of regular discussions concerning Pakistan’s foreign policy, particularly in light of global and regional developments. He emphasized the importance of fortifying the foundational role of foreign offices in both shaping and executing policies.

The Foreign Minister welcomed the Prime Minister and outlined the focal points of discussion at the conference, highlighting its significance as a new platform for deliberating on Pakistan’s diplomatic challenges and opportunities in light of global and regional developments.

Over the course of three days in Islamabad, the conference will focus on formulating recommendations regarding various bilateral, regional, and global aspects of Pakistan’s foreign policy.

In his keynote address, the Prime Minister offered insights into the current requirements guiding Pakistan’s foreign policy. He stressed the importance of Pakistan continuing to pursue peaceful and mutually beneficial relations globally. Additionally, he articulated a vision of Pakistan as a progressive, economically thriving nation, prioritizing the socio-economic welfare of its people.

Emphasizing adherence to international law and the principles of the UN Charter, the Prime Minister highlighted the emphasis on economic diplomacy and support for the Palestinian cause. He reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to advocating for the resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute based on UN Security Council resolutions and the desires of its inhabitants.

Recognizing the conference’s significance, the Prime Minister deemed it timely and pertinent amidst substantial transformations occurring both regionally and globally. He expressed confidence in Pakistan’s diplomats and diplomacy, expecting practical suggestions from this year’s Conference to navigate present-day foreign policy challenges.

The Prime Minister extended best wishes to the Foreign Office and Pakistani diplomats, urging them to safeguard Pakistan’s interests and enhance its global standing. The Envoys Conference, given the current regional and global landscape, serves as a platform for in-depth discussions on various facets of Pakistan’s foreign policy.

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