Prime Minister Kakar has landed in Tashkent to participate in the ECO summit

On November 8, Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar arrived in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, to participate in the Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO) summit scheduled for November 8-9. Upon his arrival at the Tashkent International Airport, he was warmly welcomed by Uzbekistan’s Prime Minister, Abdullah Nagmatovich Aripov, as confirmed by an announcement from the Prime Minister’s Office on a social media platform.

Prime Minister Kakar is accompanied by the Foreign Minister, Jalil Abbas Jilani, and the Commerce Minister, Gohar Ejaz.

A day before the summit, the Foreign Office issued a press release stating, “At the summit, the prime minister will reaffirm Pakistan’s commitment to ECO Vision 2025 and to promoting regional cooperation in the areas of trade, transport, connectivity, energy, tourism, and economic growth and productivity.” The statement further mentioned that the interim Prime Minister would present Pakistan’s vision for the organization’s future work, emphasizing regional connectivity and mutual prosperity. He is also scheduled to engage in bilateral discussions with the leadership of Uzbekistan and other participating nations.

The Economic Cooperation Organisation, established in Tehran in 1985, is a regional interstate forum, with Pakistan being a founding member dedicated to the goals of fostering connectivity and mutual prosperity within the ECO region.

Notably, Uzbekistan is hosting the ECO summit for the first time.

Regarding his upcoming international engagements, Prime Minister Kakar mentioned during a press conference before departing for Tashkent that the primary objective of the emergency Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) conference, scheduled for Friday, is to establish humanitarian corridors in Gaza. This is particularly urgent due to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the region, where more than 10,000 Palestinians have lost their lives since October 7. After his participation in the ECO summit, Prime Minister Kakar plans to return to Pakistan and then proceed to Saudi Arabia for the OIC conference on Palestine.

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