Journalists Should Prioritize the Kashmir Freedom Movement, says Khadija Zareen

Muzaffarabad: Prominent social worker and education expert Khadija Zareen Khan, Chairperson of the Zaid Foundation, has stated that journalists should prioritize the Kashmir Freedom Movement. She emphasized that history shows that whenever intellectuals have brought important issues to light, those issues have been resolved quickly. She expressed her mission to ensure that education is accessible to all in the state, to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, and to enroll two hundred thousand street children in schools.

Khadija Zareen Khan made these remarks during a gathering held at a major local hotel here, attended by senior directors of Kashmiri regional newspapers, directors, senior anchors, and bureau chiefs of the national and international media groups. Former President of the Central Press Club, Syed Afaq Hussain Shah, AKNS Secretary-General Zahir Ahmad Jigwal, Vice President of the Central Press Club, Syed Ghulam Raza Kazmi, Muhammad Islam Mir, President of the TV Journalists Association, Asif Raza Mir, Secretary-General of the Central Press Club, Basharat Maghl, Vice President Raja Ijaz, Azad Jammu and Kashmir Press Foundation Vice Chairman Sardar Zulfiqar Ali, Zulfiqar Butt, Raja Iftikhar Hussain, Shahzad Lalwani, Farooq Maghl, Nasir Anwar, Raja Amjad Hussain, and Haji Latif Awan were also present.

Khadija Zareen Khan stated that human existence is created for worship, and as long as we are alive, we are a means for each other. After departing from this world, we all become dependent. Positions and titles disappear after death, but one’s character remains. She said that her forefathers, her father, and her cousins sacrificed for this land and received national honors. Her entire family had ties with the military and served in significant roles, but they did not amass any property. This is because the world is temporary, and through social work, one can please both Allah and His creation.

She mentioned that young people are trapped in the curse of drugs, and her mission is to rescue them and guide them towards the right path. The Kashmir Freedom Movement is her top priority. Rather than making empty statements, we should work for the Kashmir Freedom Movement. First, we need to free Kashmir from India, and then the stage of self-determination will come, where we can decide whether we want to remain with India, make a destiny with Pakistan, or become independent.

Khadija Zareen Khan emphasized that the Pakistani military guards our borders, allowing us to sleep peacefully today. Therefore, we should not fall into any enemy’s propaganda.

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