WhatsApp is set to introduce a fresh feature called ‘Alternate Profile,’ aimed at enhancing user privacy

WhatsApp is gearing up to introduce a novel privacy feature known as ‘Alternate Profile.’ Currently in the development phase and not yet available to beta testers, this feature will soon become accessible to all users.

The primary objective behind the introduction of the Alternate Profile feature is to provide an additional layer of privacy and security for users, particularly benefiting those who wish to maintain a higher level of privacy and control over their profile information.

What is WhatsApp’s alternate profile feature, you may wonder? According to reports from WAbetainfo, this feature will be seamlessly integrated into a user’s profile photo privacy settings. It will empower users to configure a distinct profile photo and name that will be visible to specific contacts, while concealing their primary profile details from others.

For example, by choosing to share your profile photo exclusively with your contacts, individuals outside your contact list will be unable to view it, but they will still have access to your alternate profile picture. This feature will be conveniently accessible within your profile section.

When this feature becomes available, you can set up your ‘Alternate Profile’ by following these straightforward steps:

1. Launch the WhatsApp application.
2. Navigate to the settings and select ‘Privacy.’
3. Click on ‘Profile Photo.’
4. Opt for ‘My Contacts’ to limit the visibility of your primary profile photo to your contacts.
5. You will then be given the option to create an ‘Alternate Profile.’
6. Customize your alternate profile, similar to the process for your original profile.
7. Save the settings.

With these steps, you will have successfully established an alternate profile visible only to the users you designate.

The benefits of the WhatsApp alternate profile feature are noteworthy. It adds an extra layer of security and privacy, affording users greater control over their personal information. This heightened privacy is especially valuable as it enables users to set up an alternate profile with different information.

Furthermore, this feature is poised to become even more advantageous when WhatsApp introduces the ability to create a username in the future. Many users prefer to limit the visibility of their profile photos to their contacts exclusively. By configuring an alternate profile, even users who contact you through a username will still have access to view your profile, albeit in a distinct form from your primary one. This arrangement enhances your overall privacy and security.

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