Waseela Welfare Foundation Hosts Ramadan Appreciation Ceremony

Islamabad: Waseela Welfare Foundation, known for its dedication to humanitarian causes, recently organized a special ceremony to express gratitude to those who contributed during Ramadan and collaborated with the foundation. The event, held in Islamabad, aimed to recognize the selfless efforts of individuals who partnered with the foundation in its charitable endeavors.

During the ceremony, certificates of appreciation were distributed among the contributors, acknowledging their valuable services. Distinguished guests, including Chief Guest Samira Hamid, Special Guest Asad Shafiq, Senior Journalist and Senior Joint Secretary of the Print and Electronic Journalists Association, Saad Abbasi, and former candidate of NA 48 Tazeen Azka, graced the occasion, highlighting the significant turnout of individuals committed to philanthropic activities.

In his address, Chairman of Waseela Welfare Foundation, Shoaib Mohammad, emphasized the organization’s primary goal of serving humanity. “Our mission is to provide assistance to those in need, and this ceremony is a token of appreciation for our collaborators who share our vision,” he stated. “We believe in boosting the morale of our partners and acknowledging their contributions.”

As part of its Ramadan initiatives, the foundation organized free Iftar meals, distributed ration packages, and provided sewing machines to empower women, continuing its tradition of supporting vulnerable communities.

Moreover, the foundation offers various opportunities, including employment and computer training programs, aimed at enhancing the skills of deserving individuals. “We are committed to expanding our humanitarian efforts within our capacity,” remarked Chief Guest Samira Hamid, commending the initiatives undertaken by Waseela Welfare Foundation. “We applaud this initiative and pledge our full cooperation to the foundation. Together, we will continue serving the deserving and upholding the values of humanity,” she affirmed.

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