HEC introduces a fresh scholarship initiative for post-graduate studies.

As a significant move towards fostering global educational prospects, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has introduced a groundbreaking scholarship program tailored for postgraduate students.

This initiative is specifically designed to cater to non-Saudi applicants, offering them the opportunity to pursue advanced studies at the prestigious King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah.

Under the banner of “Opportunity Knocks for Non-Saudi Postgraduates,” the HEC officially announced this program through social media, emphasizing its exclusive nature for individuals outside Saudi Arabia who aspire to broaden their academic horizons abroad.

This scholarship is available to students presently residing in Pakistan, presenting them with a distinctive avenue to enhance their education on an international platform.

For those eager to seize this educational opportunity, prospective candidates are encouraged to visit the university’s official website. They can find comprehensive details and the application process at https://graduatestudies.kau.edu.sa/Pages-16516.aspx.

a link provided by the HEC specifically for interested applicants.

To address potential inquiries regarding the scholarship program, the HEC stressed that all questions and concerns should be directed to the King Abdulaziz University. This step aims to facilitate communication and ensure that interested candidates receive accurate and detailed information directly from the primary source.

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