Mengal complains to Nawaz about ‘talks with establishment instead of politicians’

BNP-M President Sardar Akhtar Mengal has written a letter to PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif and expressed disappointment that the country’s problems are being solved through consultations with the establishment instead of politicians.

In his open letter he shared on his official Twitter account on Sunday, Mengal – whose party is a part of the PDM coalition that ruled the country for 16 months – said this communication was a continuation of his last year’s letter in July, saying that instead of the problems he mentioned earlier being solved, they had only escalated.

He regretted that the problems of Balochistan, including enforced disappearances, continued, and instead of looking for a political solution, the problems were being solved through force.

“The country’s problems are being solved through consultations with the establishment or by looking at them for a solution instead of politicians,” he lamented.

Mengal also wrote that the PML-N had so quickly forgotten the conspiracies and unconstitutional actions it had borne the brunt of, and not learnt a lesson.

“We vividly remember the injustices we faced from Gen Ayub to Gen Musharraf. But by forgetting the conspiracies and unconstitutional actions of generals Musharraf and Bajwa so soon, your party once again carries out legislation in the dark of the night without taking its allies into confidence allies, which is akin to weakening the democratic institutions, strengthening undemocratic powers and fixing more nails in the coffin of democracy.”

He cautioned that not taking the allied parties into confidence while making important decisions will lead to creating mistrust and bad blood among each other.

Moreover, Mengal complained that in the latest digital census, the population of Balochistan had been reduced by 7.3 million.

However, reacting to the open letter, BAP Senator Sarfraz Bugti tweeted and asked Mengal if it wasn’t an open contradiction that on the one hand he supported the BAP, the Senate chairman and the chief minister, but opposed the caretaker prime minister.

“I hope senior politicians like you will revisit their attitudes,” he added.

Contacts for caretaker set-up
Meanwhile, contacts for the appointment of a caretaker chief minister in Balochistan have accelerated.

According to official sources, Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Qudoos Bizenjo has intensified political contacts in Islamabad to reach a consensus on the name of the caretaker chief minister.

The CM has also contacted opposition leader in the provincial assembly Malik Sikandar, Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani and former MNA Khalid Magsi and the senior political leadership of the province.

The proposed names for the caretaker chief minister of Balochistan were discussed in the consultations, out of which one will be finalized any time.

A meeting between CM Bizenjo and the opposition leader is reportedly expected any time today.

Former bureaucrat Shabbir Mengal and Kauda Babar are being considered for the slot, while the BNP-Mengal and Senate Chairman Sanjrani have agreed on the name of Hamal Kalmati.

Safeer Behroze Reki, Naseer Banjo and Ijaz Sanjrani are also included in the list of proposed nominees.

If the chief minister and the opposition leader do not agree on a name, the matter will go to the Election Commission of Pakistan.

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