Govt Job Applicants With BS and MS Degrees Can’t Even Answer Basic Questions

In a scathing review of the education system’s shortcomings, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission (KPPSC) has uncovered a disturbing trend.

According to a recent report, a majority of candidates with postgraduate degrees demonstrated an alarming lack of basic subject knowledge during screening tests for various government jobs.

The KPPSC’s fresh report expresses deep concern over the poor quality and low standards of postgraduates produced by educational institutions in KP.

The candidates’ performance in the screening tests for appointments in BPS-17 and above revealed a superficial understanding of their respective subjects, lacking analytical aptitude.

One glaring example of this deficiency was observed in the fields of mathematics and statistics.

Many candidates with postgraduate and MPhil degrees struggled to answer elementary-level simple questions during their whiteboard demonstrations, even resorting to using calculators for basic math.

The situation was even more disheartening in languages and literature, where candidates showcased an inadequate grasp of grammar, syntax, and pronunciation in Urdu and English.

The report also highlights the candidates’ lack of knowledge about major happenings at regional and international levels, as many admitted to not reading newspapers regularly.

The KPPSC’s observations weren’t limited to new candidates; even experienced government servants displayed deficiencies during in-service examinations under the ‘fast track promotion quota.’

Officers/officials with significant experience in elevated positions were found lacking in basic professional knowledge for their respective fields.

A mere 61 out of 212 candidates managed to qualify for the minimum passing threshold in the examination, further emphasizing the overall poor performance and educational standards in the institutions.

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