Hashoo Foundation Launches Alumni Network and Celebrates Achievements and Knowledge

Islamabad: Hashoo Foundation, well known for its impactful initiatives focused on fostering an equitable and inclusive society, proudly launches its Alumni Network following immense success of its alumni’s. Rooted in its vision of creating a world where every individual thrives with dignity by taking informed decisions, Hashoo Foundation (HF) has solidified its reputation as a knowledge-based and impact-oriented organization.

With a longstanding commitment to empowerment and inclusion, the alumni network aims to provide a nurturing space to alumni members with the mission of helping them excel in their fields as well as giving back to the community.
A crowning jewel in Hashoo Foundation’s endeavors, the Hashoo Alumni Network is a testament to its unwavering commitment to creating lasting impact said Ms Ayesha Khan, Country Director of the Hashoo Foundation.

The Hashoo Alumni Network is launched as an initiative to connect, support, and uplift former Hashoo graduates, and provides a formal platform for a thriving community of change-makers.
As one of the accomplished Alumni shared, “Hashoo Foundation didn’t just give me a safe space but also nurtured my personal as well as professional life.”

Over the years, Hashoo Foundation has offered a safe haven for many youth across the country to strive for their goals and dreams. The Alumni Network will carry forward the work and cultivate meaningful relationships, contributing to the virtuous circle of giving and helping.

Murtaza Hashwani, Deputy Chairman, Hashoo Group and Chairman of Hashoo Foundation stated, ” From nurturing dreams to fostering success, our Hashoo Alumni Network embodies empowerment. With this dedication, we will take it to an international level to amplify impact and create a world where every connection sparks change”. He further said that this alumni network should “provide you all a platform to collaborate, learn from each other, assist others and form strong professional networks. I am confident that Together with hashoo foundation, we will continue to serve and inspire others around the world”

Mrs. Sumaira Hashwani, while appreciating the Country Director and Hashoo Foundation team’s dedication to the organisational mission, conveyed her pride in the accomplishments of the Foundation and the remarkable achievements of the Alumni. She emphasized the profound impact that a single individual can wield in effecting change, and underlined the collective strength that lies in solidarity to create substantial societal transformation. She added that we invite you to use this online platform to network in order to help others and make impact in people’s lives.

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