Court acquits accused in E office Project

Islamabad: The Special Courts FIA in Islamabad has acquitted, CEO of LMKR Atif Rais Khan, from all charges in the E-Services Project case and project milestones were delivered as per the contract.

As per the details, the special court judge FIA, in its judgement stated that there is no evidence to suggest, Atif Rais Khan with any criminal intent, willfully caused delays in the project completion despite receiving substantial amount. The court ruled that an accused can be acquitted at any stage if there is no probability of conviction. Consequently, Atif Rais khan has been acquitted under section 265 k of the criminal procedure code effecting clearing him of all charges related to the case. The Project value was PKR 57 million awarded to LMKR after a competitive bidding process. The company completed and satisfied its obligations and, in this regard, completed 6 millstones, for which it duly received Rs 43.1m as per the terms of the agreement.

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