The Ethiopian Embassy in Pakistan commemorates the 128th Adwa Victory Day

Islamabad: The 128th Adwa Victory Celebration in Pakistan featured esteemed guests such as former Federal Defense Minister and National Council Member Honorable Khawaja Asif, former Federal Minister of Information, Broadcasting, and Parliamentary Affairs of Pakistan H.E. Murtaza Solangi, Governor of Sindh Region Honorable Kamran Tessori, Special Adviser to Prime Minister Ms. Romina Khursheed Alam, Foreign Secretary of Pakistan Ambassador Mohammed Sayres, senators, army generals, embassy leaders, and members of the diplomatic community. The event was attended by top officials, scholars, the Ethiopian Diaspora community, think tanks, business leaders, officials from higher education institutions, media representatives, and friends of Ethiopia.

Regarding the holiday, His Excellency Ambassador Faye D., with full authority and special envoy Jemal Baker, commemorated the victory of Adwa, which took place 128 years ago on February 23, 1888 E.C. Ethiopians remembered this historic event when they successfully defended against the Italian invasion, preserving their freedom. The ambassador emphasized that the victory at Adwa was achieved through the collective participation and struggle of all Ethiopians, transcending differences in ethnicity, language, environment, and political beliefs. He highlighted the sacrifices made by previous generations for a common goal, passing on a legacy to future generations.

His Excellency the ambassador stated that throughout history, Ethiopia has never sought aggression against other nations but has defended itself from enemies near and far, upholding its dignity and sovereignty. He underscored that the victory at Adwa is a symbol of freedom for all Africans and black peoples. To preserve this historic victory for future generations, an Adwa memorial museum was inaugurated, serving as a symbol of Pan-Africanism, reflecting the government’s commitment to national unity.

The guest of honor, former Federal Minister of Defense of Pakistan and member of the National Union, Khawaja Asif, praised Ethiopia’s proud history of repelling invading forces and safeguarding freedom. He suggested that Pakistan should learn from Ethiopia’s economic development trajectory, portraying it as a beacon for African nations striving to overcome neo-colonialism and achieve independence. Khawaja Asif also commended Ethiopian Airlines for its role in connecting Pakistan with Ethiopia and Africa.

Khawaja Asif concluded by urging the Ethiopian embassy in Pakistan and Ethiopia to continue their efforts in strengthening the relationship between Africa and Pakistan, assuring full support from the government of Pakistan.

Additionally, the Ethiopian traditional coffee brewing ceremony was highlighted as one of the events that garnered significant attention during the victory celebration, attracting attendees and media coverage alike.

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