Aurat Azadi Jalsa announced on 6th March

Islamabad : The Aurat Azadi Jalsa is going to be held on the 6th March, 2022 in F-9 Park, Islamabad to commemorate the international working women’s day. The organisations behind the women’s jalsa aim to uplift and support the women who are disenfranchised from society due to the intersecting structures of class and patriarchy. The central theme of the Jalsa revolves around the issues of inflation, economic disparity, patriarchal oppression and the increasing violence against women and vulnerable groups. The organisers also said that currently all urban cities in Pakistan are going through a housing crisis led by development through displacement. An overhaul of the entire development paradigm is the need of the time.

Progressive organisations including women’s, students and left organisations have announced their full participation in the upcoming Jalsa.

The purpose of the Jalsa is to bring forth the issues which affect and plague the entire society of Pakistan and to decide a way forward for the future of the women’s movement in the country. The jalsa organizations said in a joint statement that it is the need of our times for all progressive and peoples organisations to come together and collectively pave the way for a progressive and oppression free society for all.

The organisations have collectively pledged to continue their struggle to bring an end to gender based injustices and oppression through a people’s politics rooted in grassroots work and everyday realities of the people of Pakistan. The organisers said that the jalsa is open to all progressive organisations and individuals committed to social justice and aims to bring together struggles of working class women.

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