Warrants for the arrest of Imran Khan have been issued in cases related to Toshakhana and the £190 million matter

The Islamabad accountability court has issued arrest warrants for PTI Chairman Imran Khan in the Toshakhana and 190-million-pound Al-Qadir Trust cases.

The court also ordered the jail superintendent to take legal steps to ensure compliance with the warrant.

The NAB filed an application to comply with the arrest warrant of the PTI chief.

On being asked what the high court did in the case, the prosecutor said the court neither suspended the order nor issued a standing order.

He also sought that warrants be issued, and the jail superintendent be directed to take action.

The NAB also sought immediate arrest of the former prime minister. The warrants are expected to be complied with in jail today. Imran Khan will be provided with a copy of the warrant as well as briefed about reasons for his arrest.

Moreover, the NAB also provided Bushra Bibi an 11-question questionnaire in the Al-Qadir Trust case.

During her appearance in the NAB office, Bushra Bibi was questioned about Farah Gogi.

The questionnaire given to her also included queries about her relations with Farah Gogi, the reasons for creating Al-Qadir Trust, if she took any courses in jurisprudence or pedagogy, did she continue to receive benefits from Al-Qadir Trust as a teacher, is she satisfied with Farah Gogi’s financial affairs, if Malik Riaz himself showed interest in Al-Qadir Trust or she contacted him.

The former first lady had appeared in the NAB Rawalpindi office on being summoned in the 190-million-pound case.

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