Tragic Mountain Slide Claims Laborer’s Life in Taxila: Urgent Response Initiated

Taxila: A tragic incident unfolded amidst the hillside crushing operations in Khoi Meera, claiming the life of a dedicated laborer.

In the peaceful suburb of Khoi Mira, nestled within Taxila’s embrace, an unexpected explosion reverberated through the mountains as the crushing process was underway, leading to a significant mountain slide.

Tragically, amidst the chaos, heavy machinery and workers found themselves engulfed by the cascading debris, resulting in the unfortunate demise of one worker. Several others also suffered injuries due to the unfortunate turn of events.

Swift action followed the incident’s report, with both rescue and police teams promptly arriving at the scene, initiating an urgent rescue operation to save those in peril.

According to police authorities, the explosion occurred during drilling operations. Regrettably, Mohammad Rehman, a skilled laborer hailing from Chitral, lost his life in the line of duty. The management of the crushing plant swiftly moved to recover the laborer’s remains from the site, a somber reminder of the risks inherent in such endeavors.

However, sources highlight a concerning lapse in communication, revealing that Khanpur police and rescue officials were uninformed of the incident’s occurrence for several hours after the tragic accident transpired. Subsequently, Khanpur police have now filed an official report regarding the incident.

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