Pak government should take urgent measures to stop human trafficking, Raja Sikandar Khan

London: The UK based Kashmiri International outfit representing the diaspora and world renowned think tank Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council Chairman Raja Sikander Khan talking to media expressed his strong reaction and showed anger along with the sympathy to the tragical death of innocent Pakistanis & Kashmiri’s in the Greece boat accident.
Raja Sikander offered his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and stated that it’s a national tragedy and a moment of concern for the law enforcement authorities that cause hundreds of accidents every year as thousands of illegal agents are active in the country due to none workable policy of our government, he stated is it a difficult task for the government to collect data and legislate on these illegal activities of these thousands of rough agents operating in Pakistan, why have the law enforcement agencies such as police, FIA and other institutions not been able to stop these illegal activities of these rough agents whom are continuing their illegal activities of human trafficking openly.
The loss of innocent lives of hundreds of people whom suffer painful death while been trafficked into other countries illegally has to stop and the we demand that this rough and illegal buisness of human trafficking should be fully investigated and such rough agents of human trafficking are caught and severely punished.

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