In August, more than 90,000 Pakistanis set out on a journey to seek employment opportunities abroad

In 2023, a staggering 540,000 Pakistanis have opted to pursue enhanced employment prospects overseas, marking a growing trend. The momentum was especially pronounced in August when over 90,000 individuals left their homeland for this purpose.

This migration encompasses people from diverse backgrounds, including 232,749 laborers, 118,172 drivers, along with 5,589 engineers, 5,216 accountants, 2,261 doctors, and 1,012 teachers, reflecting a wide spectrum of professions seeking a more promising future.

In terms of skill levels, some are highly qualified (15,052), while others possess high-level skills (31,130). However, the majority fall into the skilled (197,719) and semi-skilled (57,516) categories. The largest group consists of unskilled workers, with 238,865 individuals.

Saudi Arabia emerges as the preferred destination for many, with 251,655 Pakistanis heading there for employment. The United Arab Emirates closely follows with 147,960, trailed by Oman (39,901) and Qatar (39,479). Several other countries, such as Malaysia, Bahrain, Romania, Greece, and Iraq, have also attracted Pakistani workers.

It’s worth noting that these statistics only encompass individuals officially registered with the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment. Those going abroad for educational purposes or through alternative channels are not included in these figures.

When compared to previous years, 2023 stands out as a remarkable year. Last year saw 832,339 Pakistanis seeking job opportunities abroad, marking the highest number since 2016.

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