Imad Wasim finds Ajantha Mendis’ carrom bowling ‘amazing’

When asked who inspired him to adopt the carrom ball style, Pakistani spin bowler Imad Wasim replied: “Mendis”.

“Bowling with the finger and turning both ways, it was amazing.”

Imad said there are a lot of bowlers among his peers, namely Ashwin, who opt for the carrom ball style, a new phenomenon in modern-day spin bowling, the best.

In a conversation with the International Cricket Council, Imad said that he believes in the strengths.

“If you bowl in the right areas, you will be successful more often than this [carrom ball].”

The bowler said that if a bowler develops a certain skill, he will be tougher to match up.

Though, he said that the grip for carrom ball is “very tough” and he hasn’t developed the skill in its entirety.

“I have been working a lot with this but this is a very hard ball to bowl, especially with my action,” said Imad, adding that his action of bowling is a different one.

Elaboration his action, Imad said that his hand comes from over his head therefore it is hard to bowl a carrom ball from this hand position.

“I’ll have to tweak my action a bit, though I don’t want to lose my strength.”

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