Global Solidarity: Khadija Zareen Khan Leads the Charge Against Israeli Aggression in Palestine

Muzaffarabad: Under the auspices of Khadija Zareen Khan Foundation, rallies were organized throughout Azad Kashmir to express solidarity with Palestinian brothers and to protest. Speaking on the occasion, Khadija Zareen Khan, the Chairperson of the Khadija Zareen Khan Foundation, strongly condemned Israeli aggression, bombings, and the persecution of Muslims in Palestine. She stated that when Israeli forces commit atrocities against Palestinians, the international community turns a blind eye, and if the proud people of Palestine take any action to defend their rights, they are labeled as extremists. She further said that the war initiated by Israel, the ethnic cleansing of Muslims, attacks on the holy city of Jerusalem, and the forced occupation have caused great sorrow and anger among Muslims worldwide. In this regard, many fingers are pointed at the United Nations Security Council for its meaningful silence.

Khadija Zareen Khan asserted that the countries supporting Israel should immediately refrain from supporting Israel, not only for their own good but also to prevent Israel from illegal occupation and aggression, and to ensure that the war that began in Palestine does not engulf the entire world. At this juncture, demonstrators demanded that the United Nations take immediate action to halt this war and prevent Israel from launching attacks and forcibly occupying Palestine and the holy city of Jerusalem. Protesters warned the international community that if this chain of oppression and barbarism continues, every Muslim living in the global village will become a warrior for Hamas, and peace and tranquility around the world will further deteriorate. She stated that Israel cannot rise to prominence on the world stage by force, and it will not be accepted by remaining nations.

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