Azad Jammu and Kashmir’s 76th Founding Day Celebrated with Splendor and Solidarity by Khadija Zareen Khan Foundation

Bagh: The 76th Founding Day of Azad Jammu and Kashmir was marked with grandeur and unity, as the Khadija Zareen Khan Foundation orchestrated a spectacular celebration. The heart of the festivities was the main ceremony held at the district headquarters in Zilla Bagh, where the distinguished Chairperson of the KZK Foundation, Khadija Zareen Khan, received a warm reception upon her arrival.

This momentous occasion witnessed the enthusiastic participation of students and members of civil society, who gathered in impressive numbers. Notable figures such as Chairman District Council Sardar Asif, Mayor City Bagh Major (retired) Qayyum Baig, Deputy Mayor Zilla Bagh Syed Afraz Gurdizi, and other leaders graced the ceremony with their presence.

The event was punctuated by the passionate voices of students delivering speeches, singing national songs, and presenting poignant tableaus. Khadija Zareen Khan, in her address, emphasized the significance of reaffirming our commitment on this day. She declared, “Today, we reiterate our unwavering support for the mothers, sisters, daughters, and youth of Occupied Kashmir, vowing to persist in our pursuit of Kashmir’s freedom, even if it demands the last drop of our blood.”

Moreover, the gathering condemned the unacceptable Israeli aggression in Palestine and called upon the international community to play a decisive role in restoring the fundamental rights of both Palestine and Kashmir.

The ceremony concluded with the distribution of shields among the participants, symbolizing recognition for their collective dedication and unyielding spirit.

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