Angelina Jolie criticizes the compelled evacuation of Afghan refugees by Pakistan

Hollywood actor and human rights advocate Angelina Jolie expressed her deep concern over Pakistan’s compelled displacement of over a million Afghan refugees, describing it as a source of sadness. Jolie, an Oscar winner, took to Instagram to share her sentiments, emphasizing Pakistan’s historical support for many Afghan refugee families over decades.

In her post, accompanied by images of Afghan refugees and their families carrying minimal possessions while crossing borders, Jolie lamented the abrupt decision to push back refugees facing immense challenges in today’s Afghanistan. She highlighted the harsh realities, particularly the deprivation of women’s rights and education, the imprisonment of many, and an escalating humanitarian crisis.

Jolie characterized this situation as a further indication of a global regression in human rights, branding it a tragic addition to the enduring history of suffering for the Afghan people, who have grappled with war, conflict, and displacement for over four decades. She expressed disappointment that Afghan refugees, despite promises of a brighter future, are now seemingly abandoned by the world.

Providing an update on the ongoing repatriation efforts, Jolie noted that more than 85,000 illegal Afghan residents had crossed the Chaman border into Afghanistan, with daily returns observed at the Torkham and Chaman borders. On November 11 alone, 2,957 illegal Afghan refugees left Pakistan, constituting 716 men, 691 women, and 1,550 children, belonging to 678 families repatriated in 278 vehicles.

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