Controversial coach Raja Zia ul Haq taken down from YouTube

Controversial Youtuber Raja Ziaul Haq’s channel has been taken down by YouTube on Wednesday, putting a temporary halt on the rise of the speaker well known for spewing sexist and transphobic comments.

On various occasions, Haq criticised Aurat March and Commissioner Nazimabad Hazim Bangwar for what he thought was promoting LGBTQ values in Pakistan.

On his Instagram account, which has around 448000 followers, Raja said his team are unaware of why his channel was shut down and were appealing to Youtube.

“Our YouTube channel has been taken down or terminated. We have appealed it. We are checking what were the reasons that led to this. Inshallah, we are hopeful it will be restored, but obviously, there is some work to do on our part.”

In an older clip of a discussion on Aurat March, Raja Ziaul Haq alleged that the movement was not interested in uplifting the rights of women or educating the masses, but were more interested in gaining sexual liberation and removing Islam’s influence from Pakistan.

In a 2021 clip, Raja slammed the movement for going against Islam, citing the placcard ‘Mera Jism Meri Marzi’ as a reason.

He had then claimed in 2022 that the movement did not lend their support for the Muslim girl in India who protested against the anti-burkha law implemented across schools.

He also slammed leading transgender activists in Pakistan for setting up ‘Scrap Fest’, claiming that they were starting Muslim Pride. However, speaking to The Current, organiser Urvah Khan confirmed the event was not LGBTQ exclusive, but was supporting performances by minority communities in Pakistan.

Haq also lashed out at the Green Entertainment show ‘College Gate’ on his Youtube channel, ranting that it was promoting feminist agendas. However, the creators addressed the controversies in a conversation with Arab News, stating that their show was not anti Pakistani culture, but was about a group of friends who tackle issues like peer pressure, and how friendships promote good values within each other.

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