“The United States does not have the authority to dictate how Pakistan should conduct its elections”

WASHINGTON: Affirming its dedication to supporting democracy in Pakistan, the United States clarified that it does not possess the authority to mandate the conduct of Pakistani elections, stated a spokesperson from the State Department on Thursday.

During the daily news briefing, Matthew Miller responded to inquiries regarding reported government actions against PTI leader Imran Khan, his party, and its candidates.

The US official emphasized their government’s commitment “to supporting a democratic process” while refraining from commenting on specific incidents.

Mr. Miller highlighted that it is not within the United States’ purview to prescribe the precise methods of Pakistan’s electoral process, emphasizing the US position of non-interference in the internal affairs of the South Asian nation.

“Our focus is on the democratic process. We advocate for free and fair elections conducted in accordance with Pakistan’s laws, without favoring any particular candidate or party, whether in Pakistan or elsewhere in the world,” stated Mr. Miller.

Nevertheless, the spokesperson stressed the US’s desire for elections to be carried out “freely, fairly, and peacefully,” ensuring freedom of expression, assembly, association, and an open, trustworthy democratic procedure.

Reiterating that decisions concerning Pakistan’s leadership lie with its people, Mr. Miller underscored the US’s commitment to respecting nations’ sovereignty in determining their political paths.

These comments from Mr. Miller surfaced amid mounting concerns over the government’s actions against Mr. Khan and his party members.

The State Department spokesperson also echoed similar sentiments regarding the forthcoming elections in Bangladesh, urging the government in Dhaka to guarantee the fairness of the electoral process.

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