Youth Empowerment for Climate Action: High Commissioner Inspires at Eco-Bootcamp

RAWALPINDI: Accountability Lab Pakistan, in partnership with Fatima Jinnah Women’s University Rawalpindi and the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, recently organized an impactful three-day eco-boot camp from October 3rd to October 5th. The event aimed to nurture youth leadership in climate change mitigation.

During the boot camp, students engaged in interactive sessions and hands-on activities designed to deepen their understanding of climate change, its consequences, and potential solutions. The initiative encouraged students to explore their roles as future leaders and change-makers committed to environmental preservation. Participants also collaborated on climate change-related projects, fostering innovation and teamwork. The boot camp served as a platform for networking among participants and experts, creating a supportive community for emerging young leaders passionate about advocating for climate justice.

High Commissioner of Canada, H.E. Leslie Scanlon, emphasized, “The future of our planet lies in the hands of the next generation, and it is crucial to equip them with the knowledge, skills, tools, and opportunities to lead us towards a sustainable and greener future. In Pakistan, the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives collaborates with climate activists, NGOs, and civil society to actively engage the country’s youth, raising awareness about critical discussions related to environmental action and climate change.”

Scanlon continued, “Our mission also extends to support the inclusion of women and girls in shaping and implementing strategic responses to climate change. We are committed to ensuring that climate-related planning, policy-making, and funding address the unique needs and challenges faced by women and girls. Our collective strength lies in amplifying the voices of our youth and ensuring that women and girls take the lead in climate solutions. Through our collaborative efforts, we can turn our shared commitment into tangible actions and lasting change that benefits all.”

Afia Salam, the lead trainer for the eco-boot camp, stressed, “Pakistan has consistently ranked in the top ten of the Climate Change vulnerability index for well over a decade. However, there is a lack of widespread awareness about the severity of this threat in our society. It is imperative to move beyond communicating solely with those already aware and educate other segments of society about the imminent danger and the importance of adaptation.”

Farhan Khalid, Program Manager at Accountability Lab, highlighted the significance of empowering youth with knowledge and leadership skills, stating, “Empowering youth is pivotal in addressing the global climate crisis. This boot camp equips young individuals to take a prominent role in tackling climate change, marking a crucial step toward nurturing a generation actively involved in sustainable practices.”

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