Video calls set to arrive on former Twitter app, reveals X CEO

Formerly known as Twitter, X is set to introduce video calling as part of its strategy to become an “everything app” offering diverse services.

X’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, revealed the upcoming feature during an interview with CNBC. Yaccarino highlighted that users will soon access video chat without disclosing phone numbers.


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Amidst the prevailing trend of video calls on social platforms, X’s inclusion aligns with the norm.

Since Elon Musk’s acquisition of X for $44 billion in October, challenges have emerged.

Yaccarino, hired in June, aims to stabilize and transform the platform. The recent rebranding from Twitter to X signifies a shift towards an evolved mindset and all-inclusive approach.

Beyond video calls, X plans to enable payments, content monetization, and potentially online shopping and banking, all within its unified platform.

However, privacy concerns arise as a single platform accumulates vast user data. Yaccarino aspires to emulate the success of China’s WeChat by shaping X into a versatile and impactful entity.

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