The staunch supporter of Palestine: Pakistan

Israel’s forever war on Palestine has taken the lives of many, especially those infants who had not listened to the word “Sin” throughout their lives. The Palestinians have been forced out of their homelands and are subjected to unceasing repressions and arbitrary arrests. Besides religious causes, there lie political, legal, and social aspects that demand a vivid explanation to better understand the alarming situation in Palestine.
Being an Islamic state, Pakistan always stands with the oppressed ones, especially with its Muslim solidarity states. Considering the political dimension, it is the core principle of Pakistan’s foreign policy to raise its voice against colonial and imperial policies. Whereas the Palestinians have been the victims of both on Israel’s side. Similarly, Israel wants to take control over the natural water resources of Gaza and the West Bank, which would strengthen its geopolitical and geo-economic significance. On the other hand, the dual standards of the International institutions raise concerns as they created a state, East Taimor, from Indonesia but are reluctant to take any steps for Palestine and Indian-Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
In addition to that, concerning the legal aspects, there are a number of facts that prove Israel,a criminal and illegal state . For instance, Article 22 did not allow Britain to create a state within an existing state under the Balfour Declaration, but she did so by creating Israel from Palestine. Later, the forced displacement of Palestinians, Naqba, was a serious international crime under Article 49 of the 4th Geneva Convention, but Israel did so. Moreover, United Nations Resolution 181 supports a two-state solution even though Israel, under the Oslo Accords 1993 agreed to a “two–state solution”. However, Israel flagrantly violated International Law principles and started annexing Palestine, Gaza, and the West Bank, in the same way India annexed Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir after revoking Article 370 and 35A. Hence, these grave legal violations need special attention and Pakistan has been raising its voice on all platforms for Palestine.
The commendable role of Pakistan in the United Nations and OIC regarding the Palestine cause needs no gild to lily as the state ambassador highlighted that Palestine Independence has been the core element of state foreign policy. Further, he accentuated the fact that Israel has taken the lives of more than five thousand children and women since October 7. Furthermore, Pakistan’s strong support for Palestine augments her Kashmir cause. What Israel is doing in Palestine is the same as what India is doing in Kashmir.
Lastly, keeping in view the social dimension of this issue, Yuval Noah Harari in his book“ On Palestine” has highlighted the concept of settler colonialism where an immigrant race commits genocide against the aboriginals and makes the location their new abode. Israel practiced the same in Palestine while India is following the pattern of Israel in Kashmir.
In a nutshell, It can be concluded that Pakistan has politically, legally, and socially supported the Palestine cause as she knows how harsh it would be when a hostile power (India) curbs the basic human rights of a legitimate state (Kashmir). Thus, the UN needs to address her dual standards as solving these serious issues is the need of the hour. Otherwise, it would allure “Clash of Civilizations” which Huntington predicted many years ago.

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