The President advocates fostering enduring, multifaceted connections with Russia

On November 23, 2023, President Dr. Arif Alvi restated Pakistan’s commitment to establishing a lasting, multifaceted alliance with Russia across various domains such as trade, economics, food security, energy, defense, and interpersonal connections. He stressed the importance of enhancing trade and economic relations, highlighting significant potential for both countries to benefit mutually from increased collaboration in these areas.

These statements were made by the President during a conversation with the departing Russian Federation Ambassador, Mr. Danila Ganich, who visited him at Aiwan-e-Sadr today.

Extending a warm welcome to the Ambassador, the President underscored Pakistan’s high regard for its relationship with the Russian Federation. He expressed contentment with the current level of collaboration between the two nations in global forums and emphasized that the cooperation between Pakistan and Russia is grounded in their shared commitment to the United Nations’ pivotal role and an international order based on established rules.

In the meeting, the President also drew attention to the situation in Gaza and strongly condemned the egregious acts committed by Israel against the Palestinian population. He denounced the killings of numerous Palestinians, encompassing women, children, healthcare professionals, journalists, and aid workers.

Furthermore, the President praised the outgoing Ambassador for his contributions in strengthening the bilateral ties between Russia and Pakistan. He extended his best wishes to the departing Ambassador for his future endeavors.

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