Hadiqa Kiani is Making Her Acting Debut

Hadiqa Kiani is set to make her acting debut with an upcoming serial, Raqeeb Se. She will be working alongside Nauman Ejaz, Sania Saeed and other stars.

Working alongside one of the biggest names in the industry such as Nauman Ejaz, Sania Saeed and other upcoming stars such as Iqra Aziz, Pakistani singer Hadiqa Kiani is making her acting debut with an upcoming drama serial, Raqeeb Se.

“I had a wonderful experience working with such great actors, It was a totally new world for me but Nauman told me one thing — ‘You will have to negate your thoughts, yourself and your personality, and you have to become that character. Once you do that, you will be true to your character.’ I think this advice of his is going to stay with me for the rest of my life,” stated Kiani as she spoke on the experience.

Hadiqa Kiani also spoke on her friendship with veteran actress, Sania Saeed. “There was a great amount of chemistry. When we were on the sets chatting about our lives, experiences, whatever we go through, it was just so bonded and well-knitted. Like a different world. I would always tell them all, it’s a different world that I never thought I would be this comfortable in.”

On the set with Iqra Aziz and Sania Saeed

Whist speaking on the experience, Kiani shared how it was totally different from anything she had previously done in her career. “In the music industry, we make music, interact with each other on a different level, go on stage, on the spotlight, see the audience, roar and come back. But this was teamwork. Living in one house, day and night. Being on the same set for 12 hours, eating together, chatting. It was completely unique. We were like one family.”

Hadiqa Kiani also spoke on her character in the serial, Sakina and shared how she feels about her.

In the first glance, you’ll see Sakina contrary to Hadiqa Kiani who is supposed to be a strong, vibrant, fearless, bold woman. But deep down, I feel there’s a Sakina inside me, embedded in my soul. I felt her from the very first lines I spoke in the play, and till the end, Sakina very much lives in me. I lived with that character and I am deeply fond of her.”

“There are so many Sakinas in this world, so I can feel them more now. It gave me an opportunity to find a new me,” Kiani added whilst calling the experience a self-exploration process.

Hadiqa and Iqra take a selfie

While speaking on this opportunity, Kiani revealed that Momina Duraid personally presented the offer to her which she found ‘too good to be true’ given the top-tier cast, director and script.

“It was like a challenge that came in my life and I honestly like to challenge myself. I thought this is the time, it’s a difficult art form and I need to explore myself.”

The official soundtrack of Raqeeb Se has been written by Kiani’s mother, Khawar Kiani, produced by Ustad Baqir Abbas and composed by Hadiqa Kiani herself.

“I found a poem by my mother which was very special and completely gelling with the theme of the drama. So I wrote the melody, spoke to Ustad, who is a fine musician and it became something completely divine. When I sent it to Kashif, he loved it and that’s how the OST came about,” Kiani shared.

The drama serial has been written by Bee Gul, directed by Kashif Nisan, and is a Momina Duraid production for HUM TV.

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