She’s My Best Friend”: Omer Shahzad Opens Up About His Bond with ‘Tamasha’ Contestant Zainab Raza

At the recent success party for Tamasha season 2, a representative from the popular Pakistani showbiz blog Irfanistan had an impromptu interview with actor Omer Shahzad, one of the five finalists. The burning question on many Tamasha viewers’ minds was about the on-screen chemistry and rapidly growing friendship between Omer and fellow contestant Zainab Raza.

Before posing the personal question, the interviewer acknowledged its sensitivity and Omer’s reputation as a private person. He even suggested Omer could respond with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ When asked about the status of his relationship with Zainab, Omer tactfully addressed their friendship dynamics without giving a direct answer.

Omer shared that when he entered the Tamasha house, he was looking for a friend and someone to confide in during his stay. He explained how his bond with Zainab developed, saying, “From my very first day in the Tamasha house, I was looking among all the contestants for someone who I could confide in because it’s very difficult to trust people you’ve never worked with.” He described Zainab as “intelligent, outspoken, and sensible” and someone unafraid to take a stand, expressing his admiration for these qualities.

The Gul-o-Gulzar actor revealed that while living with his fellow contestants, they became like a family, and all his emotions were raw and “natural” whenever they surfaced. Although he didn’t specify the context, it’s safe to assume he referred to his visibly emotional reaction to Zainab’s unexpected eviction from the Tamasha house.

In the end, Omer smiled and openly referred to Zainab as his “best friend” and go-to person for advice or problem-solving. He explained, “Whenever I need help or advice in solving a problem, I call her up and ask her. And she very sensibly explains everything to me and helps me understand what I need to do.”

When asked if fans could expect to see them together on screen again in a drama serial, Omer replied with a simple “Why not?” and expressed his hope that they would soon be cast together in a project.

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