Saba Qamar Opens Up on Crushes, Career, and Unconventional Views in Candid Chat with Ahsan Khan

Saba Qamar, tracing her journey from minor roles to stardom, engaged in a candid conversation about her career and friendship with Ahsan Khan on his YouTube show, “Lo Kar Lo Baat.” Nostalgia filled the air as they revisited their first collaboration at the National College of Arts and a memorable telefilm shoot in Abbottabad, where Saba humorously confessed to a past crush on Ahsan.

Ahsan commended Saba’s remarkable confidence and professional dedication, recalling a pivotal moment at the Hum Awards in 2015. During a reflective drive, they discussed the significance of learning from mistakes and the evolving nature of their fifteen-year friendship.

In a light-hearted exchange, they playfully addressed Ahsan’s infamous “British-Asian actor” interview snippet, with Saba teasing him about his dual-city lifestyle. Saba, known for her unconventional views, shared thoughts on love, advocating for its unconditional nature.

Regarding marriage, Saba likened it to a complex “ladoo” that doesn’t eliminate the impulse to complain but suggested giving it a chance. She expressed gratitude for the changing reception of serious content, citing the success of her film “Kamli,” which defied expectations.

Looking ahead, Saba revealed her ambitious plans to move abroad, attend film school, and eventually direct her own film. She emphasized the necessity of having goals in life, declaring a preference for a purposeful existence over a stagnant one.

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