Quetzal Softalogy collaborates with Sagevanguard Tech to bring state-of-the-art commercial WiFi routers to the Pakistani market

Quetzal Softalogy Pvt. Ltd. and Sagevanguard Tech have entered into a strategic partnership to introduce advanced commercial WiFi routers and other IT products to the Pakistani market. These cutting-edge routers, boasting the capability to connect 256 devices simultaneously and featuring mesh functionality at a commercial level, are at the forefront of this collaboration.

In this groundbreaking initiative, Sagevanguard Tech, a Hong Kong-based leader in wireless network technology, is collaborating with Quetzal Softalogy in Pakistan to bring these advanced commercial WiFi routers to the country. Beyond supporting up to 256 devices concurrently with mesh capability for seamless connectivity, these routers signify the commencement of a comprehensive venture. Mr. Noah from Sagevanguard Tech will spearhead operations in the Pakistani market, overseeing not only the distribution of routers but also the advancement of AI devices based on technology. In addition to technological innovation, the partnership underscores Quetzal Softalogy’s dedication to reducing the digital divide in Pakistan, with a specific focus on fostering development in underserved areas.

About Sagevanguard Tech: Headquartered in Hong Kong, Sagevanguard Tech is a prominent company specializing in wireless network technology. Committed to research, development, and innovation in the realm of commercial networks, Sagevanguard Tech aims to shape the future of digital connectivity and expand business possibilities for customers through cutting-edge technological solutions.

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