PM Shehbaz Promises to Give 10 Lac Laptops to Students Every Year on One Condition

Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif has made a bold promise to distribute one million laptops annually if his government is re-elected in the upcoming general elections.

He firmly believes that equipping talented youth with education and resources is of paramount importance for the country’s overall progress.

To achieve this, the laptops will be funded jointly by the central government and provinces, ensuring equitable distribution across the nation.

In his address, the PM also lauded the ingenuity of the Pakistani youth, citing impressive examples like converting banana peels into useful products and developing agricultural drones.

He stressed the significance of providing ample resources to nurture the potential of these talented youth, thereby driving the nation towards greater growth and prosperity.

Additionally, he highlighted the ongoing laptop distribution and the commitment to allocate more based on merit in the next fiscal year.

Acknowledging the crucial role of commercial banks, PM Sharif advocated for increased support to young entrepreneurs, farmers, and small shopkeepers through access to loans.

Moreover, the PM called for national unity and a concerted effort to combat poverty and corruption.

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