Beenish Saeed from Multan honored with the ‘Principal of the Year’ award at the Asia Education Conclave.

Beenish Saeed, an education professional from Multan, Pakistan, currently holding the position of principal at the Multan Cantonment Public School, emerged as the standout candidate among 2,085 participants, both male and female, representing 15 countries across Asia at the Asia Education Conclave.

The event took place in Bangkok, where she was presented with this esteemed award, receiving enthusiastic applause from the audience.

“Let’s give a round of applause to Beenish, the remarkable recipient of the ‘Principal of the Year’ award,” stated a post by the Asia Education Conclave on their official Facebook and Instagram pages.
Beenish Saeed, an educationist hailing from Multan, Pakistan, and currently serving as the principal of Multan Cantonment Public School, was recognized as the ‘Principal of the Year’ among 2,085 male and female participants at the Asia Education Conclave, representing 15 Asian countries.

The ceremony took place in Bangkok, where amidst applause from the audience, she was honored with this prestigious award.

“A resounding applause to Beenish, the stellar recipient of the ‘Principal of the Year’ award,” stated a post by the Asia Education Conclave on its official Facebook and Instagram pages.

Beenish dedicated her award to martyrs, war heroes, and teachers working in terrorism-affected areas in the country. According to social media posts by the educational platform, she holds an M.Phil in Education and an M.Sc in Zoology, boasting a two-decade-long experience in the education sector. Additionally, she is currently pursuing a PhD in Education.

The post highlighted her accomplishments as a Master Trainer and Book Editor at Kangaroo Publications, emphasizing her commitment to professional development since assuming the role of principal. Beenish has also acquired certifications in IT Branch Automation, Book Review, and Montessori Teachers Training, showcasing her skills in problem-solving, effective communication, organizational abilities, technical proficiency, and interpersonal skills—attributes that make her a valuable asset in the education field.

Beenish expressed that this award is not just an honor for her and her family but for the entire country, signifying trust in Pakistan’s education system at the international level.

Furthermore, Pakistani educators are making a mark on the global stage, exemplified by individuals like Sister Zeph, the founder of Zephaniah Education and Empowerment Foundation.

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