Pakistani Couples Who Create Amazing Content

Here is a list of 5 couples who create amazing content keeping us all hooked to their great skills and interesting videos amid this pandemic.
Although, it isn’t easy to create amazing content that catches the viewer’s eye and gets viral amongst all these other influencers competing to get to the top and become one of the top influencers of the country. Here is a list of Pakistani couples who create amazing content keeping us all hooked to their great skills and interesting videos amid this pandemic.

In my opinion, Patangeer is the name that tops the list of “Pakistani couples who create amazing content”. “The Wandering Kites” as Amtul Baweja & Fahad Khan like to call themselves. They’re an extremely amusing couple and have been creating amazing content for a while now. If you love to travel, love food, and even if you’re looking for some pretty engaging videos, then “Patangeer” is the account that you should search for on Instagram and on Youtube too as they shoot some amazing vlogs too that keep you hooked to them.

“A mismatched duo” is what Afifa & Zain call themselves. Mainly because of their height difference as Afifa is 5’2″ and Zain is 6’3″. Zain is an entrepreneur himself and Afifa is a make-up artist. They’ve been together for a while now and since then they’ve been creating some amazing content as well, catching the public’s eye because of their extremely cute and engaging content. They post some transitional videos as well as some dress up and funny content.

Hadia and Hadi
Hadia and Hadi are a couple that creates and posts content related to lifestyle, parenting, beauty, fashion, food, and travel too. Basically, their account covers all the main things that are needed to make the perfect Instagram feed. On their account, we can daily see stories of skin-care routines, some recipes, ootd snaps, and a lot more.

Fatima Hasan
Fatima Hasan is a humanitarian, pseudo philosopher, ex-development professional, fashion model, and fitness enthusiast as well. She is one of the up-coming ace fashion models of the country. She also has been giving us some major dressing goals. We all have been seeing her a lot these days creating amazing fashion content individually and also with her husband, and the audience has been loving their videos.

Waliya Najib
Although, we’ve always heard of Waliya as a photographer from Islamabad, who takes some amazing and eye-catching shots. She recently got married and her videos and pictures with her husband, Faizan Sameer are giving us some major couple goals. Whether they are some travel compilation videos or any make-up videos, people are seriously in love with them.

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