A few days ago, I visited to a branch of NADRA. Despite the increasing population, I am surprised that why there is so much rush. You go to any branch in Rawalpindi city and there is a crowd of people. The branch officer was not only authoritative looking but also very polite. My number was a bit off, so I thought I should research about it. Since the officer was also cheerful, instead of scolding me, he made me sit next to him. Every two minutes in the office, someone would bring an issue to him, as soon as he was finished; he would start giving me time.
After half an hour he looked at me smiling and said that I hope you have got answers to many questions. I also smiled and understood the meaning. Many people visit 6 to 8 time to make a card. Instead of going to the office to get information, fulfill the required documents and make a card, people are always in a hurry. Thus, the work which takes a few hours is done after three to four visits. After the digital counter, there were no more issues.
During this time, I realized that the officer is worried and wanted to go on a long leave. On further investigation, I found out that he is worried about threats from influential people. When information was collected from various NADRA centers to know the nature of the matter, it was both surprising and disturbing. Showing anger or threatening of common people has become our norm, but in many places the matter has gone beyond that.
Since Pakistan is a country where anyone can come without a visa, people from neighboring countries, especially Afghans Seen in every neighborhood. There are many people who have lived here for decades. Now it often happens that they shamelessly offered bribes to get an illegal card or get register at a NADRA center. Some irresponsible or greedy people may take it, but in most cases they are sent back after being told off or handed over to the police. Now the assumption is that they are released by bribery or influence. From some places, we have also come to know that sometimes there are incidents where local influential people also threaten NADRA officers; foreigners develop relations with local people for business interest.
People try to get cards by temporarily transferring the land or small piece of property in their name and by manipulating other documents. Now when there is a discrepancy between this information in the database of NADRA, they failed to get identity. So now these local influential people harass the officers, in such cases these officers are forced to transfer from the centers or leave their jobs due to the fear of their honor and life.

The most painful thing is that in such cases, often the department does not stand with these honest officers. Basically such honest officers should be fully supported by the department so that they can work with more confidence to prevent illegal work, but the one who shows honesty here loses his job.
Maktab e Ishq ka Dastoor Nirala dekha
Usy Chutti na mili jis ne Sabaq yad kia

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