Adolescent ‘Gaza’s Newton’ devises method to illuminate family tent

Rafah, Gaza Strip: Fifteen-year-old Hussam Al-Attar has devised an ingenious solution to the frequent power outages in Gaza. Inspired by the legend of Sir Isaac Newton, he has created a makeshift wind turbine using two fans from a junkyard to provide electricity for his family’s tent. His innovation has earned him the nickname “Gaza’s Newton” from his neighbors in the refugee camp.
Al-Attar’s resourcefulness was sparked by his family’s displacement due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Drawing parallels between his circumstances and the story of Newton’s discovery of gravity, Al-Attar saw an opportunity to create light amid the darkness.
In spite of the challenges he and his family face, Al-Attar remains determined to pursue his dreams of becoming a scientist like Newton and making a significant contribution to the world. He has created a custom lighting system for his family’s tent by connecting the fans to wires, switches, and lightbulbs.
After two failed attempts, Al-Attar’s perseverance paid off on his third try. His makeshift turbine now provides light for his family and has brought some comfort during their difficult circumstances.
The Al-Attar family’s situation is part of a larger crisis affecting Gaza’s population of 2.3 million people. The recent conflict between Israel and Hamas has caused significant loss of life, displacement, and hunger, with over 27,000 people reportedly killed in the violence. The conflict began when militants from Hamas invaded southern Israel, leading to Israel’s military response aimed at destroying Hamas and freeing the hostages.

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