eSignature arrives on Google Docs

Google has revealed its new effort to make things easier for users by integrating built-in support for eSignatures within Docs and Drive.

The aim of this move is to simplify the process of requesting and applying digital signatures directly within Google’s platform.


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After undergoing more than a year of alpha testing, this feature is now being introduced in beta, making it easier to request and add eSignatures.

While other software solutions, including cloud-based platforms like Dropbox and local apps such as Adobe Acrobat, have already incorporated eSignature capabilities, Google’s move appears more about achieving equality with competitors rather than blazing a new trail.

This means users won’t need to switch between different apps as much to get a signature.

Google has also provided screenshots that show how Docs and Drive will prompt recipients for full signatures or initials.

There’s also a field for the “date signed,” with an option for automatic population.

Using a single template contract, you can start multiple signature requests, and Google is highlighting a feature that lets you keep track of pending signatures.

It’s worth noting that, at the initial stage, signature requests seem to be limited to Gmail users.

However, Google’s official blog post states that this will expand to include non-Gmail users later this year.

In the upcoming weeks, Google Workspace subscribers will have the chance to join an open beta for this feature.

Nonetheless, access for other tiers such as Workspace Business or Enterprise subscribers will require administrators to request it specifically through a provided form.

Currently, there’s no indication of whether or when this feature will be made available for Google’s free personal accounts.

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