Angelina Jolie expresses, “I Wouldn’t Pursue an Acting Career Today” and Intends to Depart Los Angeles: “Hollywood Poses Health Concerns.”

Angelina Jolie expressed to The Wall Street Journal Magazine that if she were beginning her career in the entertainment industry in 2023, she likely wouldn’t pursue acting. She might consider performing on stage but would likely not opt for a life and career in Hollywood.

The Oscar-winning actress highlighted how, during her initial years, there wasn’t as much pressure to be highly public or share personal aspects of life. The constant public scrutiny she faced for over two decades has visibly affected her, especially after her divorce from Brad Pitt seven years ago. The heightened stress led her to notice changes in her voice during the filming of “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” in 2018, stemming from the strain she experienced.

Jolie elaborated that the intense public attention in Los Angeles has curbed her social life, making it challenging to venture out without unwanted scrutiny. Despite this, she refrains from paying attention to media coverage about herself, given her long tenure in the industry.

She disclosed plans to eventually depart from Los Angeles and spend more time at her home in Cambodia, citing a desire for authenticity and a departure from the superficial environment of Hollywood. Her reduced film work in the past seven years aligns with personal healing following her divorce from Pitt in 2016.

Jolie mentioned feeling somewhat down recently, indicating a sense of disconnect with herself over the past decade without delving into specifics. Her film output notably decreased after her divorce, with fewer lead roles and a focus on projects that required shorter shoots due to personal reasons.

For further details, you can access the complete profile of Jolie in The Wall Street Journal Magazine on their website.

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