Climate War and Our Preferences

Climate war has broken out in the world and this war is extremely dangerous than nuclear war. Atomic warfare affects a part of a country, but climate warfare is so dangerous that it affects many countries at once. In such a situation, developed countries are taking many steps for themselves while developing countries are following these steps. This war also includes another war in which developing countries are fighting with developed countries that “your development is drowning developing countries” and we are being affected so give us funds to fight it. Now, I do not want to get involved in the issue of where and how these funds are used. Of course this is another war within the war but the question is what are the developing countries doing for their people in this war?

The Ministry of Environment is playing a very vital role in this war to fight the people where the people are being affected, especially its most important Generals to fight, environmental protection agencies in the world and then the Meteorological Department. The Environmental Protection Agency in the United States has so much power that our police in Pakistan may not have that much power because they know that no one will destroy them now that there is no atomic bomb. In such a situation, it is not possible to fight against nature. However, if his anger is controlled in one way or another, they will be able to make a living. In such a situation, Pakistan is at the forefront of the world in that it has the Ministry of Environment while Pakistan is the only country where the Ministry of Climate Change exists.

In fact, there is more to it than meets the eye. Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change is at the forefront, but it is not doing anything to empower its Environment Army Generals in this war. The Environmental Protection Agency does not have modern equipment. Be it air monitoring stations, be it water quality monitoring stations, be it powers for law enforcement, this institution is far behind. That is why the air quality in the federal capital Islamabad is deteriorating day by day. Now let’s go to the Meteorological Department which is the most important institution. Rainfall is less, heat wave, gall, famine is the job of this agency to inform the public in time but you will be surprised that this agency has only 100 observatories in all of Pakistan. According to the World Meteorological Department, there must be an observatory every 50 kilometers, and the denser the network, the more accurate the forecast will be and the more it will be able to protect the public from the effects of climate change.

Governments in Pakistan have not been able to keep pace for decades. You know better than me what the reasons are but what is happening with it. The rest of things are in place, but they are losing in the biggest war in the world, and this defeat is so bad that our governments have lost their senses. They should be strengthened but no one is thinking about it yet. The work of these institutions is in every case, from one room to the policies of the country. But here the people can neither think of themselves nor the government. In such a situation, it is up to nature to forgive the people so that the effects of climate change are not felt by the people.

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