Canada Extends Support to Pakistan in Addressing Climate Change and Building Resilience

QUETTA: Ms. Leslie Scanlon, the Canadian High Commissioner, announced on Wednesday that Canada is committed to aiding Pakistan in tackling the challenges posed by climate change and bolstering the resilience of regions susceptible to the adverse effects of global warming and environmental degradation. Emphasizing the crucial role of effective public engagement in climate change planning, she stressed the importance of community awareness as a preventive measure against climate-related catastrophes. Ms. Scanlon made these remarks during her address at the closing ceremony of a three-day training workshop organized by the social organization Wang in Bela, Balochistan.

She remarked, “Climate change has far-reaching consequences for both humanity and our planet. To mitigate its impact and safeguard our environment for future generations, it is imperative that we adopt sustainable and eco-friendly practices.” Ms. Scanlon underscored the importance of reducing carbon emissions, preserving natural resources, and promoting harmonious coexistence with nature as essential steps toward ensuring a healthier and more sustainable future.

Addressing the global responsibility in confronting climate change, Ms. Scanlon noted that the world must work collectively to build a more sustainable and resilient relationship with the natural environment. She highlighted Canada’s efforts, along with organizations like Wang, to mobilize youth in Pakistan to combat climate change.

The Canadian High Commissioner commended the eco-friendly initiatives undertaken by the organization in Bela and their dedication to environmental improvement. She also pledged substantial support from the Canadian mission for climate-related projects in the region.

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