Ad-free entertainment: YouTube Premium launches in Pakistan at Rs479 per month

On Wednesday, YouTube announced the much-awaited launch of its premium and music services in Pakistan, bringing an array of exciting features to its users in the country. With these new offerings, viewers can now enjoy an uninterrupted and enhanced video-watching and music-listening experience.

YouTube Premium, the flagship service, promises an ultimate viewing experience by allowing users to watch videos without being interrupted by pesky ads. Moreover, subscribers can continue watching their favorite content even while using other apps or with the screen locked.

The service also facilitates the option to download videos for offline play, ensuring that entertainment is accessible even in areas with limited internet connectivity. Additionally, YouTube Premium subscribers gain access to YouTube Music Premium, a music service that offers ad-free music, background play, and the ability to download music for offline listening.

In a statement, YouTube emphasised the significance of their premium service, which sets a new standard for video-watching convenience and ad-free enjoyment.

The pricing for YouTube Premium is set at an affordable Rs479, which also includes a membership to YouTube Music Premium. For those looking to share the perks of Premium, YouTube offers the Premium Family Plan at just Rs899, allowing up to five members of a household to access the premium features.

For the music enthusiasts, YouTube Music Premium is available at Rs299, offering an ad-free experience, background play, and downloads for music. Similarly, the Music Premium Family Plan comes in at Rs479, allowing families to share the enjoyment of ad-free music and music video streaming.

As part of its commitment to the student community, YouTube offers a Premium Student Plan at a discounted price of Rs329. Eligible students can access the Premium service with all its features, making their entertainment experience even better. The Music Premium Student Plan is also available at a reduced rate of Rs149 for students who love uninterrupted music streaming on the web and Android devices.

This launch comes at a time when YouTube’s presence in Pakistan has been growing exponentially. According to Google’s country head for Pakistan, the number of YouTube channels with over one million subscribers has increased by an impressive 35 per cent, reaching a total of 400. Additionally, there are now 6,000 channels with more than 100,000 subscribers, reflecting an annual growth of over 30 per cent.

With the introduction of YouTube Premium and Music services in Pakistan, users can now enjoy a seamless and immersive experience while exploring their favourite videos and music. The new services are expected to garner significant popularity and add to YouTube’s already robust user base in the country.

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