MG’s Sister Company to Start Mass Producing Cheap Electric Cars in Indonesia

SAIC Motors’ subsidiary and MG’s sister company, Wuling has begun full-scale production of Air electric vehicles (EV) in Indonesia. The EV maker unveiled Air two months ago to a warm reception from onlookers.

In recent news, the Wuling has fully mobilized its Indonesia-based production facility which has a 10,000 unit annual production capacity. This facility will cater to the local as well as the export market.

It bears mentioning that Pakistani automakers already import several CKD and CBU cars from Thailand and Indonesia. Wuling’s presence in the latter region could finally open doors for its entry into Pakistan, which is a tantalizing prospect.

Unlike the China-spec Honguang Mini EV, Air sports a futuristic look. It retains its boxy design and compact body but adds some modern styling elements such as revised front and rear fascia, new windows, headlight, taillight, and wheels.

Air also has an upgraded powertrain — a single electric motor that sends up to 41 horsepower (hp) to the rear wheels. It also has a 28 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that offers a driving range of up to 300 kilometers, the company claims.

Air’s new GSEV platform supports internet connectivity, driver assistance systems, parking assistance, and voice control. Its price is equivalent to Rs. 1.5 million, which makes it a strong value proposition in the mini-EV arena.

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