WhatsApp Web steps up privacy game with “screen lock” feature

Instant message application WhatsApp Web rolled out its much-awaited “screen lock” feature for beta users to boost privacy and maintain confidentiality of conversations.

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WhatsApp had announced the “screen lock” feature last year. It is being made available now for the online version and beta users.

The application stated it would protect from unauthorized access with a password.


“With this feature, it would have been possible to protect the app from unauthorized access with a password,” WhatsApp stated. “When we announced this feature, it was under development so it was not ready for beta testers,”

The application explained, “However, after a long time of testing, WhatsApp is now releasing this feature to some beta testers that use the latest version of WhatsApp Web and joined the official beta program!”

It can be accessed by going to “WhatsApp Settings” and checking under the “Privacy” tab. It would customize additional settings when activated.

If a user has forgotten his password, they have to log out of the application to get it reset or scan the QR code from your Smartphone application.

The feature can be disabled the same way it was turned on.

A user may have to authorize any changes using a password, face scanning, or fingerprint depending on the level of security.

Moreover, the “screen lock” feature blocks access to message feeds. The push notifications would also be disabled when the screen is locked.

“In our opinion, this definitely helps users maintain the confidentiality of their conversations by enhancing privacy and preventing unauthorized users from viewing their personal information,” WhatsApp stated.

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