Unveiling the US-Afghan Repatriation Dilemma

A big hurdle in repatriation of Afghanis has surfaced. It is neither Afghan Talibans Interim Government nor Afghanis themselves but a chronic trouble shot in Pakistan-US.
US Embassy in Islamabad has given a list of 25000 Afghans as well as individuals of some other countries, to Pakistan Government and asked not to deport these foreigners.

Primarily these individuals are those who were on the payroll of US during their occupation and stay in Afghanistan and have been serving them as agents, informers and translators. These individuals were supposed to be settled in US/Europe but got delayed due to inland resistance from their respective Governments. As a changed policy US have kept these people in Pakistan deliberately on one pretext or the other but in facts they were to be permanently settled in Pakistan to which PDM Govt has given consent during their tenure and as an obligation for regime change.

By keeping these individuals in Pakistan US wants to achieve two fold results – one that these guys will continue to serve US interests in close proximity to their homeland. Secondly any misadventure will be counted towards either Afghanistan Interim Government or will be taken as a routine blame on all Afghanis. Hence factually these individuals are US agents officially placed in Pakistan.
Therefore US has been delaying their relocation in US/EU for last two years.

Since this recent policy of repatriation of all illegal foreigners from Pakistan, US felt heat as these guys will also be repatriated to Afghanistan being illegal. Consequently Afghan Government might execute them being traitors which is a fact.
For Pakistan these individuals are equally dangerous because they are trained agents of US and will be used not only against Afghan Taliban Government but also against Pakistan well being inside our country.

These days US Ambassador is trying hard to hide the facts under the delayed tactics that for the time being these individuals may be allowed to continue their stay in Pakistan till their documentation process for relocation to US is completed which is not true. If US was serious to settle them in America/Europe process could have been completed in last two years.

Pakistan till today has not agreed to this stance of US but let’s see for how long we can resist. Historically a very difficult proposition.

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