Umar Sharif is a Famous Pakistani  Television and  Stage actor .He was born 19 April 1948 in  Karachi .He performed in many stage dramas. Omar Sharif became one of the most well known stage performers in Pakistan after his extremely popular 1985 comedy stage plays Bakra Qistoon Pay and Buddha Ghar Pe Hai.  He also worked in films. He proved her acting skill in every field of acting  .He is a versatile actor .He worked in Punjabi and Urdu  stage shows .Umar Sharif  is a very good actor .He is most  popular comedian of Pakistan .He has a large fan base in Pakistan and throughout the world. He is also writer, director and producer .He is a legend . Key of Karachi city was presented to him and it was first time in the history of Pakistan’s film industry the key of any city was presented to an actor.

He rose to fame due to his work on stage and his stage shows are considered among the most popular in Pakistan. He started his showbiz career from Karachi as stage performer at the age of 14.He started at parties with his friends as background musicians. Some of them now live in America.


And became Sharif was born in the family speaks Urdu from Aligarh, British India, one of the most well-known artists stage in Pakistan after the extremely popular 1989 comedy stage play reel Qistoon pay and Buddha Ghar Hai me. In each of the last he starred with comedy legend select specific. A lot of success comes from the fact that he started recording his shows, and was leased from the videos. Yes, sir, was the festival, festival No, sir, followed by a virgin Qistoon payment in the first phase appears to come out on video.

It is known that in South Asia , and the king of comedy. Was rated as the best ever, even before the Indian comedian public. He called on the Indian kings of comedy Johnny Lever and Raju Srivastava have God of Comedy Asian Indian in the comedy program “Comedy Circus”. India’s export videos to him by the music track, and are sold at a premium in all stores.

Bakra Qistoon Pay is considered to be the show that made stage plays what they are today in Pakistan. Before the advent of Bakra Qistoon Pay majority stage shows in Pakistan used to be classy with rather poetic dialogs. After Bakra Qistoon Pay (Goat on installments) stage shows became a vibrant, majorly comical (and often gritty) part of the Pakistani culture. It has also sparked many sequels. He has also produced films like Mr. 420, Mr. Charlie, Miss Fitna, etc. The popularity of Bakra Qistoon Pay also crossed the border into India as well and Umer Sharif became a famous name in India as well.

He also was a judge in the famous Indian comedy show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge along with Siddu and Shekar Suman.

Umer Sharif does his own show, on Geo TV called, “The Sharif Show,” where he interviews a variety of actors, actresses, entertainers of all kinds as well musicians. Also from time to time, Sharif is seen as Masters of Ceremonies for various important events.
Umer Sharif Agreed Offer For New Film By Karan johar

Pakistani King of Comedy , also actor , host many Talented jolly personality , UMER SHARIF, much popular in Pakistan Even in india, Recently Umer Sharif accept an offer for an Indian Film BY Karan johar, in past he has worked for indian film industry , but mostly it was for the concert shows or award function where Umer sharif shows his Talent but Now Karan Johar Famous Indian producer offered to play a part in a film, and finally Umer Sharif Accept his offer and will be appear as a supporting role , Karan Johar prefers to umer Sharif his own Dialogues and scenes in The film. And Expected to Shoot In March ,
In This Film is also stars are Priyanka Chopra ,Lara Dutta, Boman Irani and Shahrukh Khan , The Genre of the film is not yet known, it seems like a romantic comedy, So hope That This New Venture of Umer Sharif  Turns out to be Successful.

The famous Pakistani Comedian from Lahore has recently signed a movie with Karan Johar and will be leaving to India in March 2012.
Sources say that Umar Sharif is working as a supporting actor in Karan Johar’s movie with Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Datta and Boman Irani and besides that Umar Sharif will write his scenes for the movie himself.

Many artists from Pakistan like Javed Sheikh, Ali Zafar, Humayun Saeed went to India and has worked in many movies but this time India has offered to role to the King Comedian and heart of Pakistan “Umar Sharif”

This is not the first offer to work in an Indian movie to Umar Sharif but you can say this is the first offer he accepted. Umar Sharif has rejected many offers to work in India just because of his busy schedule but now he has finally accepted a movie by Karan Johar and now we will see Umar Sharif in Indian Movie.


Best comedian and Best Actor National Awards in 1992 for Mr. 420
Ten (10) Nigar Awards – He is the only one to receive 4 Nigar Awards in a single year
Three (3) Graduate Awards
Best Drama Writer
Best Actor
Best Director
Four (4) qaumi awards
Best Stage Actor (1984)
Best Stage Director (1988)
Cassette Melody Awards
Best Award for Hat trick in Audio Cassettes
One (1) International Emirates Award in Dubai
National Defence College Pakistan Shield
Two (2) Bolan Awards
Musavir Award
Chicago Award (1992)
Award in Los Angeles (1996)
Waheed Murad Award
Trend Changer Award from Karachi in 1993
Lahore Press Club Award for Excellent Performance, 1996
Jang Akhbar Award
Khabrain Award
Sadaaqat News Paper Award
Award from Allama Iqbal Medical College
Key to the City of Karachi: For the first time in the history of Pakistan’s film industry the key of any city was presented to an actor.

List Of Stage Shows

Bakra Qiston Pay Part-1
Bakra Qiston Pay Part-2
Bakra Qiston Pay Part-3
Bakra Qiston Pay Part-4
Bakra Qiston Pay Part-5
Budha Ghar Per Hain
DOLHA 2002
Angoor Khate Hain
Aoo Sach Bolein
Beauty Parlour
Begum Meri BBC
Chand Baraye Farokht
Coolie 420
Doctor Aur Qasai
Dulhan Main Layke Jaonga
Eid Ashiqon Kee
Eid Tere Naam
Half Plate
Hanste Raho Chalte Raho
Hum Sab Eik Hain
Hum Se Milo
Jeet Teri Peda Meri

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