Tickets for Asia Cup matches in Pakistan go up for sale online

Tickets for the Pakistan leg of the Men’s Asia Cup 2023 are up for sale on, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said on Saturday.

The upcoming Asia Cup is set to be co-hosted by Pakistan and Sri Lanka next month.

Four matches of the tournament will be hosted by Pakistan while the rest will be held in Sri Lanka where India will enter the fray. The Indian cricket board had refused to send its team to Pakistan for the tournament.According to the PCB, the ticket prices for the tournament’s inaugural game between Pakistan and Nepal on Aug 30 at the Multan stadium have been fixed at Rs5,000 for VIP enclosures and Rs2,500 for premium enclosures.

For the Bangladesh-Afghanistan game at the Gaddafi Stadium on September 3, ticket prices have been set at Rs4,000 for V-VIP enclosures, Rs2,000 for VIP enclosures and Rs1,500 for premium enclosures. Seats in the PCB gallery cost Rs8,000.Similar prices have also been fixed for the third game between Afghanistan and Srilanka on Sep 5 at the Gaddafi Stadium. Meanwhile, tickets for the Super Four Group match — to be held on Sep 6 at the Gaddafi Stadium — have been set at Rs8,500 for V-VIP enclosures, Rs6,000 for VIP enclosures and Rs2,500 for premium enclosures. Seat in the PCB gallery cost Rs10,000.

In a press release issued yesterday, the PCB had said it would announce prices for first-class and general enclosures on Aug 14.It had added that particulars regarding ticketing for the Sri Lanka leg, where the highly anticipated showdown between traditional rivals Pakistan and India is set to take place on September 2, would be disclosed at an appropriate juncture.

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